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Have you recently been craving some American Chupa Chups? UK customers are in luck now that they’ve discovered Americano Goodies. We are here to be your new online supermarket where you can get all of your favourite overseas delights. Browse our selection online or call our team on 07454 155 955 if you have any questions about our products or delivery – we’re here to help.

Your New Suppliers of American Chupa Chups in the UK

With more than 100 available flavours, Chupa Chups is the established leading brand when it comes to lollipops. From standard favourites like orange, strawberry, and Coca Cola to limited editions like Macha Latte, there is something available for everyone when it comes to Chupa Chups flavours.

The brand was first established all the way back in 1958 and has gone from strength to strength since then. This is why American Chupa Chups, UK customers, are so sought after from Americano Goodies.

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American Chupa Chups UK

The company’s founder got the idea for his lollipops from getting his hands sticky from melting sweets. He felt sweets at the time weren’t appropriately designed for children, so he began innovating what would become the American Chupa Chups UK and the rest of the world enjoys.

Within five years, their popularity had skyrocketed and the lollipops were being sold at more than 300,000 different outlets. People searching for American Chupa Chups in the UK may not know that the company’s logo was actually designed by Salvador Dali in 1969.

Come to Americano Goodies to Explore All of Our Available Chupa Chups Flavours

Here at Americano Goodies, we’re very proud to be one of the largest distributors of American food, groceries, sweets, sodas, and energy drinks in the country. From delicious Pop Tarts to fun Chupa Chups flavours you haven’t tried before, you’ve definitely come to the right place.

Our mission is to bring the most authentic taste of America back to you in Britain, whether it be Jolly Ranchers or American Chupa Chups. UK customers can browse our wide selection online and easily add all of their favourites into their cart and then check out.

Whether you’re completely new to American foods or you’re an expat looking for a taste of home, Americano Goodies is here to help. Not only that, we create our own gift hampers that can be customised to your liking and include everything from Swedish Fish to American Chupa Chups UK friends will love.

These gift hampers are a fantastic gift for someone with a sweet tooth. They’re also original if you’ve been struggling to think of a unique present idea that hasn’t been done before. You can browse our pre-selected gift hampers online or get in touch for a bespoke one.


Other US Favourites to Buy from Us besides American Chupa Chups UK Loves

Besides being your new go-to supplier for American Chupa Chups in the UK, Americano Goodies can offer you many other delights from across the ocean. Follow the links below to browse our other goodies, including but not limited to:

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Are you now ready to contact us to place an order and have your mind blown by all of the fresh flavours? Place an order online today or speak to our friendly team members by calling 07454 155 955. You can also send a message through our online form. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible with more information via your preferred contact method.

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