American Fanta

Do you want to get a taste of America without having to leave your home? Well, here at Americano Goodies, we are one of the largest distributors of food and sweets from the United States! From American Fanta to Ruffles and Hershey’s – we have it all! If you have any questions regarding our extensive stock, then give us a call on 07454 155 955.


One of the appealing aspects of visiting the USA is the tasty cuisine, particularly the sweet treats! Well, if you can’t afford to go across the pond, then let us bring it to you in the form of sodas and candies. Fanta is a drinks brand that can be found in UK shops, but the flavours are restricted. Here at Americano Goodies, we can offer you a huge range, including American Fanta Berry.

Here on UK shores, you will only find a select few flavours of the fizzy beverage, but American Fanta is different. In the States, locals can enjoy cherry, exotic, apple, fruit punch, mango, strawberry and more! You too can enjoy those delicious sodas if you purchase through our online store. Our stock is extensive, so you are sure to find the perfect treat!

Perhaps you have recently come back from a holiday to the USA and miss the delicious food you indulged in. Well, our team at Americano Goodies can prolong that joy! If there was a specific Fanta flavour that quenched your thirst across the pond, then we can get it for you. Never again will you have to worry about not being able to buy American Fanta in the UK.

American Fanta Berry is within our lengthy list of soda and drinks options, but there are plenty of brands available within our stock at Americano Goodies. Our aim is to bring a sense of the USA to UK shores because let’s face it; the cuisine is one big reason why people take a holiday over there. So, if you cannot afford to go, let us bring a taste of the States to your home.


Our dedicated team at Americano Goodies also put together unique gift hampers and baskets. These are full of tasty treats that can include whatever you desire! We can create a package catered to the recipient, which can consist of a range of items from one brand, or a mixture. So, if you know someone who loves American Fanta, why not consider purchasing one of our hampers?


There is nothing quite like the dessert market in the USA. It is safe to say that our friends across the pond do not skimp when it comes to sweet treats. Our team at Americano Goodies have gathered an assortment of classic brands, including American Fanta. As well as sodas, we stock the following:

Any American candy brand you can think of, we are sure to have it! We provide American Fanta in the UK, but we also offer treats from Jolly Rancher, Oreo, Reese’s and Lucky Charms. If you have any questions regarding our products, do not hesitate to get in touch.


There are other ways of getting American foods on English shores, but you will struggle to find another distributor that beats our competitive prices. Whether you are searching for American Fanta Berry or a box of Hershey’s Milk Duds, we will make the purchasing process easy for you. Feel free to buy in bulk or make a one-off purchase – the choice is yours!

Here at Americano Goodies, we not only cater to customers who would love to visit the USA, but we are also the perfect distributor for expats. Perhaps you had a favourite American Fanta flavour while growing up in America, but they don’t stock it in UK stores. Well, we can solve your problem. We can give you a taste of old memories in the times when you’re missing home.


Americano Goodies is proud of our ability to reach customers throughout the UK and Europe. Our speedy delivery service allows us to get you the products that you desire quickly. We want to spread our excellent products as far as we possibly can, so we will always endeavour to deliver regardless of your location. From the Scottish Highlands to Greece, you can count on us. Our broad service is why many consider us the best provider of pop tarts UK residents have available.


Our Americano Goodies website makes it easy for customers to shop now, but if you have any queries about our products, such as American Fanta, then get in contact. Give us a call on 07454 155 955 or send us an email Alternatively, contact us by filling in our online form.

Pringles tubes may bend slightly inwards. Although it may appear as if the can has been dented, it has not. The Pringles inside the tube will not be damaged. It is normal for the tube to rattle, or for 1 or 2 chips from the top or bottom of the stack to be cracked. Although this does not affect every single tube, it does affect the majority. If you require a perfect tube for collection or gift purposes we recommend that you do not purchase this product. We will not refund or replace any bent or “dented” tubes.