Bubble Yum

Bubble Yum is a brand of bubble gum marketed by The Hershey Company.

Introduced in 1975 by Life Savers, the bubble gum was the first soft bubble gum created. It was created by a homemaker in Fisk, Missouri, who named it “rubber bubblegum.” She gave some to her son to pass out at school. She soon sold the recipe to the lifesavers candy Division in St Louis.

In 1977, rumors began to spread that the gum’s soft, chewable secret was the addition of spider eggs.The Life Savers Company addressed the issue with an official full-page rebuttal printed in prominent U.S. newspapers (including The New York Times), to dispel the rumor and restore public confidence. Sales of the gum soon surpassed sales of Life Savers candy, and it became the most popular bubble gum brand. Nabisco bought Life Savers in 1981, and The Hershey Company acquired the brand in 2000.

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