Harry Potter Jelly Slug

Are you a true Harry Potter fan? Do you know your Pixies from your House-elves? Can you identify each of the spells used in the films, from Alohomora to Wingardium Leviosa? If so, then we’ve got a treat for you that’s just a little bit magical. At Americano Goodies, we stock the Harry Potter Jelly Slug, among other tasty treats from across the pond. Get yours now and relive that memorable train scene from the first film. To find out more, call Americano Goodies today on 07454 155 955.

Tuck Into Our Delicious Harry Potter Jelly Sweets

If you’re unable to make it to the alt-wizarding village of Hogsmeade to visit Honeydukes Sweetshop, don’t panic. For us Muggles, there’s another way to get your fix of tasty, magic-inspired sweets. At Americano Goodies, we’ve scoured America, Hogwarts and beyond to find the very best selection of food, drinks and confectionery. You’ll find everything you could ever want under a single roof, so if you’re craving a Harry Potter Jelly Slug, look no further.

The sweet is first introduced to the audience early on in the series when it’s revealed that it’s so popular, the Hogwarts Express food trolley had run out. Fortunately, you’ll have no such trouble getting your hands on these delicious Harry Potter jelly treats, here in the Muggle world. At Americano Goodies, we stock these along with a wide assortment of other Harry Potter-themed treats.

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Harry Potter delicious Jelly Slugs.

Indulge in a Harry Potter Jelly Slug

Created by Jelly Belly (in real life), these Harry Potter jelly sweets are a culmination of hours of hard magical work. As delicious as they are entertaining, Jelly Slugs are a fun-to-eat snack that Harry Potter fans and the uninitiated alike will get a real kick out of.

At Americano Goodies, we stock Jelly Slugs in five intense fruity flavours, so there’s plenty for everyone to enjoy. Choose from:

  • Banana
  • Pear
  • Sour Cherry
  • Tangerine
  • Watermelon

Every Harry Potter Jelly Slug order comes in a pack size of 2.1Oz (59g) with each pack costing just £1.99! That’s incredible value for a treat that’s not available here in the UK. Please note that the available packaging will change based on availability. If you’re after a particular design, do not hesitate to reach out to our team.

Need to Know

We never drop-ship any of our products from the US. Everything, from our cans of soda and authentic American groceries to our Harry Potter jelly treats, is stored here in the UK. Place your order today before 8 am, and we’ll endeavour to have it shipped on the same day. Otherwise, next-working-day shipping will apply. You expect your tasty purchases to arrive in around three working days.

While we might not use delivery owls here at Americano Goodies, we instead use Royal Mail, UK Mail, and Parcel Force, ensuring reliable, speedy delivery.

Delivery is completely free of charge on orders over £50 to any mainland UK address. We accept a wide range of payment methods for all purchases and are even happy to supply our products wholesale. If there’s anything else you’d like to know that isn’t covered above, click on our FAQs and delivery information pages.

Are you partial to a Harry Potter Jelly Slug? Perhaps you’re an ex-pat looking for a taste of home or a Brit returning from a holiday state-side. Waste no time in getting your hands on these yummy treats by calling Americano Goodies or going online.

Purchase Harry Potter Jelly Sweets from Americano Goodies

Here at Americano Goodies, we really do believe in magic. The magic of bringing delicious, highly sought-after and difficult-to-find sweets, soda, and groceries to customers living here in the UK. We’re also proud to be the UK’s largest distributors of American food and drink items, offering popular products at unbeatable prices. Whether you enjoy a Harry Potter Jelly Slug, a Gatorade, Twizzlers, Mike & Ike, or something else entirely, you’ll find it right here.

We bring the real taste of the United States to customers in the UK and all across Europe.

Whether you’re purchasing a single item, bulk ordering, or buying a gift hamper, expect a high-quality service. Our range is ever-changing and includes options that’ll make the perfect snack to munch on or the ideal gift for that friend or family member.

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Looking to relive a part of your childhood? Or perhaps you’re only just discovering the many wonders of the wizarding world. If you’d like to try a Harry Potter Jelly Slug, call Americano Goodies now on 07454 155 955 or browse our website.

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