Coffee Mate Hazelnut Liquid Creamer 453ml

Delight your employees, customers or guests by offering Coffee-Mate Hazelnut Creamer in your workplace, breakroom or kitchen. The delicious taste complements your brew while making the ordinary a little more special. This liquid pump bottle creamer adds a rich, sweetened creamy flavor to coffee beverages. Everyone can enjoy coffeehouse indulgence without ever leaving the building with this unique Coffee-Mate liquid creamer.

The Nestle Coffee-Mate hazelnut creamer offers an ambient, 30-day shelf life after opening and a nine-month shelf life before opening. The formula has sugar added to it, which makes this product shelf-stable so no refrigeration is necessary. Just set it out for all to enjoy. To ensure food safety, the pump is not removable once installed

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Sugar, water, coconut oil, sodium caseinate (a milk derivative)**, 2% or less of propylene glycol, dipotassium phosphate, natural and artificial flavors, polysorbate 60, sodium stearoyl lactylate, color added. Sucralose.

We Cannot Guarantee The Accuracy Of These Ingredients. Always Check The Packaging Thoroughly Before Consuming.


1. Write date product is opened on the white date code are of the bottle with a permanent marker.

2. After removing cap and safety seal, remove pump from plastic bag making sure not to touch the area below the cap on the pump. Insert pump into the bottle and tighten cap fully.

3. Add one pump to coffee for each liquid single-serve creamer normally used and stir.

4. Leave on the counter or in the cabinet and enjoy. This product never needs refrigeration.

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