Monster Energy Ultra Paradise 480ml


What’s your paradise? For us, its kicking back with an ice-cold Monster Ultra Paradise Energy Drink. Formulated with B vitamins and caffeine with a light and crisp tropical flavour, this treat gives you that extra boost you crave. And on the way to paradise, you can leave the guilt at home: Monster Ultra is made with zero sugar.

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Carbonated water, acidity regulators E330-E331, taurine, preservatives E202-E211-, caffeine, sweeteners E950-E955, vitamins B3-B5-B6-B12, salt, carnitine tartrate, natural and artificial flavors, thickening agent E414, inositol, emulsifier E445, colors E102*-E133. Caffeine: 291mg/L. High caffeine content. Not recommended for children or people sensitive to caffeine or pregnant or nursing women. *May have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children. Contains GMO.

We Cannot Guarantee The Accuracy Of These Ingredients. Always Check The Packaging Thoroughly Before Consuming.

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